Construction supervision package

Besides the Full package of Consultancy, Design and Construction; Interior Design Package; Construction Package, Square has the experience and the skills to provide comprehensive supervision services for complex infrastructural projects. Our

Our highly experienced personnel will guide your project to completion on time, on budget and in compliance with the relevant quality standards.

We ensure all construction supervision activity conforms to design contract, the specified technical documentation and the construction permit such as: Vietnam’s construction standards: ISO 4450: 1987; Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, Square Quality Manual named TCTCSQ 01: 2014, and The Vietnam Green Building Council Standard.

The construction supervision package includes:

1/ Pre-Construction Monitoring Checklist

  • Checking materials and ensuring that materials quality is complied with Construction Contract.
  • Checking over construction tools and ensuring that they are complied with quantity and type. Every construction tool must have standard origin of goods, technical certificates, and certificates of capacity (according to bidding document and design standard).
  • Checking employees and number of employees. Every employees must be controlled about qualifications and skills to work (according to bidding document).
  • Checking and comparing the construction layout with currently situation.
  • Checking construction’s currently situation and carry out sanitation works before proceeding the construction.

2/ Construction Monitoring

  • Closely monitor construction process to ensure that the construction is complied with design contract.
  • Closely monitor construction process to ensure that the construction is in accordance with State’s currently regulations on investment and construction management.
  • Closely monitor employees to ensure they work safety in the construction process.
  • Collaborating with the Design and Construction Division to solve problems arising in the construction processing.
  • Checking and confirming the finished items, the quality have been achieved and the construction progress.

3/ Post- Construction Monitoring

  • Construction quality checking by the modern instrumentation.
  • Construction items are complied with construction standard.
  • Construction items are ensured clearly and safely when coming in use.
  • Supervised items document were listed.